• Felicitation of Hon. President of India Shri. Ramnath Kobind at the hands of SIR Dr. M. S. Gosavi and Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri. Devendra Fadnavis being felicitated at the hands of SIR Dr. M. S. Gosavi


Society is known for Students’ Discipline, Academic Excellence, Professional Competence and Innovative Programmes with a track record of Students and Staff achievements.

Society at a glance

The Gokhale Education Society was founded on 19th February 1918, on the third death anniversary of Namdar Gopal Krishna Gokhale, by his illustrious disciple late Principal T. A. Kulkarni, who was a great social worker. Society has completed 100 years of meaningful existence and has today more than 140 units spread over three zones Mumbai, Nashik, Thane-Palghar catering 1.25 lakhs pupil. It is one of the oldest and pioneering educational institution established with the main objectives of developing quality citizens through education and training. The society has all along emphasized the holistic approach and total personality development of pupil, through educational programmes undertaken on the basis of service and dynamic leadership. The society is a veritable banyan tree. A number of branches of the Society have like its descending shoots taken roots in the ground and strengthened it.

The Gokhale education society is committed to the cause of student empowerment through access to education at all levels particularly in higher education, to have world-class citizenship through relevant courses under formal and informal streams. Further, the society is committed to raise the dignity of the teaching profession and establish a culture of caring and excellence by providing a wide range of professional and vocational courses for poor and downtrodden as also for the Adivasis and backwards to meet the changing socio-economic needs with human values and social responsibility. To achieve excellence with total quality in all activities of lifelong learning is the main motive of Gokhale Education Society.

Salient Features :

  • Society’s mission is to provide value-embedded quality technical education through –  a) curriculum development, b) updated faculty training and retraining, c) building linkages for developing confidence, creativity and synergy, and d) establish identity by selfless, ceaseless and fearless work through its dedicated staff.
  • Society is entirely managed by teachers. All the members of the Governing Body are necessarily required to be Life Member teachers. More than 50 out of 60 members of Senate the appex body, have to be Teachers.
  • Society’s all Colleges are NAAC Accredited.
  • All colleges (Senior/Junior) & High Schools, as well as Pre-Primary and Primary Units of the Society, are ISO 9001:2015
  • This is one of the Pioneer Institution, providing education at all levels K.G. to P.G. and beyond for the Adivasis and the downtrodden, in this part of the country.
  • Full academic freedom to teachers for innovation and development.
  • Society’s colleges have permanent affiliation and recognition for PhD programme.
  • Extensive use of ICT in Teaching & Learning Process.
  • Mobile Laboratory/Commerce Museum for making higher education more pragmatic.
  • Introduction of application-oriented courses relevant to changing times.
  • Higher Education is made entrepreneurial through seminar as a method of learning, Group Discussions, Project Work, Placement Cell and Research & Innovation Centre.
  • Appex institutions include staff training academy, E-research cell, Science & Technology Park and publication of Research Journal as regular activities.

“Each and every institution is my soul. Each and every institution has a niche in my heart.
We all assayed day and night. And then prepared the way to growth”

Secretary & Director General
Gokhale Education Society, Nashik

About Us

Zone: 03

  • Research Centres: 08
  • Colleges : 21
  • Junior Colleges: 18
  • Secondary Schools: 20
  • Pre- Primary Schools: 19
  • Primary Schools: 17
  • Agricultural Training Centres: 05
  • Polytechnics: 02
  • Specialized Institutions: 16
  • Ashram Shala: 05
  • Apex Institutions: 04
  • Knowledge Resource Centres: 07

No. of Students on Roll : 1,25,000
No. Of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff : 4,000

  1. Nashik : (Nashik, Nashik Road, Sinnar, Sangamner, Ozar, Pimpalgaon)
  2. Mumbai: (Girgaon, Parel, Borivali, Karjat, Shreewardhan, New Mumbai)
  3. Thane / Palghar : (Kalyan, Bordi, Kosbad, Talasari, Waki, Jawhar, Waghadi, Suryanagar)

“The G. E. Society is committed to the cause of student’s empowerment through access to education at all levels particularly higher education to have world-class citizenship through relevant courses under formal and informal streams. Further, the society is committed to raise the dignity of teaching profession to establish a culture of caring and excellence by providing a wide range of Professional and Vocational courses for the poor and downtrodden as also for the Adivasis and backwards to meet the changing social economic needs with human values, social responsibility and to achieve excellence with total quality in all activities of lifelong learning”.

  • To Provide Quality Education through Formal & Non-Formal streams – Liberal, Technical & Vocational courses relevant to Changing Time;
  • To Inculcate Self-Development among the Learners;
  • To Increase Awareness in the Society about Central & Societal Issues;
  • To Promote Research through Innovation, Integration & Internationalisation.
  • Through Quality Education Develop All-round Personality of the Student and enhance their acceptance in the Employer World.
  • Lead and Quality Educational Enterprise in India
  • Excellent and spacious infrastructure.
  • Well digitalized, modernized laboratories and computer labs in every college of the society
  • Highly qualified, competent, experienced and motivated faculty.
  • The faculty includes 80 life members, 25 Honorary Fellows, 300 best teacher awardees, 300 Ph.D’s, 200 M.Phil’s, and others making a total of 3000 qualified Competent and Experience staff.
  • Good Placement record
  • Well managed Industrial tie ups
  • Good linkages with the corporate and Government sector for academic and skilled development of pupils.
  • Best Teaching Staff Award – Since 1976
  • Best Support Staff Award – Since 1976
  • Best Magazine Award – Since 1976
  • Best Institution Award – Since 1982
  • Five Star Prin. T. A. Kulkarni Quality & Excellence Award – Since 2009 (Given every two years, to the Institute of Quality & Excellence.)
    Seed Capital for Self funded research by Scholars.
  • Financial assistance to publish monographs / book etc.
  • Award for Best Teacher Entrepreneur – Since 2015
  • Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi Excellence Award : Since 2017
  • First Agriculture School for Adivasis in Asia at Bordi, Dist Thane 1920.
  • First Mofussil College in then Bombay Presidency at Nashik HPT Arst College 1924.
  • First Night High School in Maharashtra at Paral, Mumbai 1955.
  • First University Based MBA Programme in India, JDC Bytco Institute of Management, Studies and Research, Nashik 1968.
  • First Ph.D. in Business Administration in India 1968.
  • First Law College in North Maharashtra, N.B.T. Law College at Nashik 1969.
  • First Krsihi Vidnyan Kendra in India at Kosbad, Dist Thane 1975.
  • First Commerce College to have B.Com Degree with Computer Applications and Systems Management in India at Nashik.
  • B.Y.K. (Sinnar) College of Commerce, 1983 Autonomy of 33% since 1983.
  • First Arts and Commerce Night College at Paral, Maharashtra 1984.
  • First Women’s College in Maharashtra with six faculties Art – Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Home Science, Commerce, Computer Applications SMRK Arts, A.K. Home Science & B.K. Commerce Mahila Mahavidyalaya at Nashik 1985.
  • First PhD. in Hospital Management in India 1986.
  • First to receive the certificate for Society at 44th International Conference held at Netherland for making University Education Entrepreneurial 1991.
  • First Independent Single Faculty Senior Science College with IT / Bio-Tech / Computer Courses at UG and PG for Adivasis in India N. B. Mehata Science College at Bordi, Dist. Thane 1994.
  • First NGO – recipient of ISO 9001:2000 for 60 of its Schools and Colleges in 2003, ISO – 9001:2015 for 81 Institutes, 2018.
  • First Value Embedded Quality Technical Education at affordable cost R.H. Sapat College of Engineering, Nashik 2009.
  • First Polytechnic for Adivasis at Bordi 2011.
  • Recipient of Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Award at National Level for uplifting adivasis families above poverty line 2017.
  • First Health Care Management College at Nashik 2018.
  • International Educational Excellence PLATO Award for Sir Dr. M. S. Gosavi 2018.
  • Society entirely managed by teachers.
  • All the members of the governing body are necessarily teachers.
  • Curriculum development for making education more meaningful and relevant to enable to generate income and to be self employed.
  • Faculty development programmes for teaching and non teaching staff through staff training academy.
  • Linkages through MOUs with industrial, Government and Non Government organizations.
  • Encouragement for PhD & post doctoral research & publications.
  • Best Teacher – Best Employee Awards – Memorial lectures – Best institutions Quality & excellence awards for students – staff associates.

Society Geet – सोसायटीचे गीत

History of the Society

In January 1885, Namdar Gopal Krishna Gokhale joined New English School, Pune as a teacher at the scanty salary of Rs. 35. For him truth and moral uprightness were of highest importance. That is why Mahatma Gandhi regarded him as his guru. During the Congress Convention in 1905, Gokhale clearly stated, “Public life must be spiritualized.” Gokhale, impassionate lover of the motherland strived hard for India throughout his life. Anyone, who would come in his company feel the presence of the Almighty with him. The thought that we must start an institution named after this Great Soul was constantly kept roaming in the mind of Prin.T.A.Kulkarni since 5th December, 1912 when he started New English School in Kashibai Dharmashala building in Mumbai. Other teachers like D.G.Mulherkar, Achrya Bhise, Y.M.Lad and B.S.Sanjagiri along with Prin.T.A.Kulkarni had already joined the school.
The school was already approved by the government. The student strength was 290 from 1st to 3rd standards. There were branches of Marathi and Gujrathi medium. High school was in English medium. In 1918 the first batch of matriculation was to appear for the examination and their forms were to be sent to the University. At that time, as per the advice of N. M. Joshi,the labour leader and G. K. Deodhar, who both were members of the Servants of India Society; Prin. T. A. Kulkarni has happily agreed to hand over the school and form educational society. He was in constant efforts to get Namdar Gokhale’s consent for giving his name since 1912. However Namdar Gokhale passed away in 1915. Prin. Kulkarni desired that at least after his death the institution should be named after him.
After that Prin.T.A.Kulkarni (Kakasaheb) used to come to Pune to procure the requisite permission from Govindrao, Namdar Gokhale’s brother. The occasion was the 80th birthday of Dr.Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar. 4th July 1917. Shrimant Bhavanrao Pantpratinidhi, Rajesaheb of the Aundh State was the Chief Guest. The function was going to be held at Barrister Jaykar’s bungalow. Principal T.A.Kulkarni, a founder of an educational institution, was one of the invitees and therefore both of them met. In the course of discussion it was revealed that Prin.T.A.Kulkarni was going to establish a school in the name of Namdar Gokhale. When Bhavanrao came to know this, he said, “I am very happy that the institution is being named after Gopal Krishna Gokhale. I will make a donation of Rs 50,000.” Immediately Kulkarni countered, “I have yet to take permission from Govindrao, brother of Gokhale for naming our society. Today Dr. Bhandarkar is completing 81 years and we both are here to felicitate him for his life and work and this donation be declared for him.” Rajesaheb was very much touched by the transparent and illuminating personality as reflected from what Kulkarni said. In his address, Rajesaheb mentioned this fact and stated that today I met a person in this assembly who is going to start the Society in the name of Namdar Gopal Krishna Gokhale and I desired to give the donation for the same. But this self-less person clearly stated that the institute is yet be named and in today’s grand function, it will be appropriate to honour Dr. Bhandarkar on his 81st birth anniversary.
Referring to this Rajesaheb said, in order to carry forward inspiring and immortal work of research in Mahabharata of Dr. Bhandarkar, I declare a munificent donation for the institution to be named after Dr. Bhandarkar on his 81st day, to be utilized for research on Mahabharata. It is through this event that Bhandarkar Institute was born on this day. It was after this function that Prin.T.A.Kulkarni met Govindrao alogn with Rajesaheb and obtained his consent.
Immediately there after four more life members were enrolled required for the establishment of the Society and on 19th February 1918, which day was the third death anniversary of Namdar Gokhale,Prin.T.A.Kulkarni announced the establishment of Gokhale Education Society. N. M. Joshi, the labour leader and G. K. Deodhar, both being founder members of the Servants of IndiaSociety were present when Prin.T.A.Kulkarni announced birth of the Society.
Then Shrimant Bhavanrao also helped Principal T.A.Kulkarni to procure a donation from the Thakarsey family and received the first donation Rs. 50000/- for a school at Mumbai. Thus Mumbai, which was the birth place became the first center of the Society. Later on in 1924,Shriman Seth Hansraj Thakarsey donated Rupees two and half lakhs for establishing a center of higher education launched at Nasik for the reserve fund as per the University rules and Hansraji Pragji Thakarsey College was born at Nashik, being the first Mofussil college in the then Bombay Presidency.


Established in 1918. Hundred Years of Quality Service. Three Zones – Nashik, Mumbai & Palghar/Thane with 20 Centres and 140 Institutions.
1,25,000 Pupils and 4000 Staff. The Society is known for Students’ Discipline, Academic Excellence, Professional Competence and Innovative Programmes with a track record of Students and Staff achievements. Society’s Colleges have permanent affiliation and recognition for Ph.D. programmes.


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